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Helping consumers find people friendly, pet friendly, and eco-friendly cleaning products with ease

The Problem

Aunt Fannies wants to reorganize new products on their website to help customers find them quickly and efficiently

As a growing company with an expanding product line, Aunt Fannies needs help adjusting their websites so it can accommodate the changes they've made in a way that is intuitive to their customers.

They've recently added over a dozen new products, renamed products, and created bulk and subscription options.

Updating their website is important as they are moving from a brick-and-mortar shop to selling online exclusively.


1 week


  • Figma

  • OptimalWorkshop

  • Miro

  • Zoom


UX Designer & Researcher

My Role

I was the UX Researcher & Designer

I was asked to conduct research, provide analysis and craft an informed design that could be shown the stakeholder.


This project was initiated by Joe Formica, who was responsible for conducting the stakeholder interview and providing the Treejack test.

Insight from the Founder

Watching an interview with Mat Franken to learn more about their product line, goals, and audience.

Key Takeaways:

Company & Product -

  • Values health and wellness (products are safe for all inhabitants​)

  • Variety of products: pest control, cleaning, personal care, etc.

  • Company is adding and removing several products

  • There's a need to categorize products appropriately

  • Not sure where to put products on the website

Consumer Insights -

  • Target audience is 30-40 years old

  • Most consumers have kids and/or pets

  • Products are particularly appealing to people who have wellness needs (i.e. weakened immune systems)

Tree Testing

Evaluating how effective the current grouping of products is

Users were prompted to to find a product by going through a Tree Test and clicking where they thought products would be located.



The Tree Test revealed that it was challenging for users to find things like bulk products or products that reduce waste. Users would often search for items by looking for categories that indicate their purpose (i.e. cleaning), and then they'd look for attributes such as quantity, bundle, or the "form" of the product.

These findings suggest that re-categorizing items based on purpose (i.e. having all cleaning products on one page) will make it easier for users to find them.

Moving forward with this insight and focusing on cleaning products first, I want to make the cleaning product page as easy to navigate as possible since it will have a decent amount of content.


Cart Sorting

How do users group and title cleaning products?

All of the cleaning products were added into an open card sort and participants were asked to organize them in whatever way made the most sense to them.

pasted image 0.png


Looking at the dendrogram and category standardization diagram revealed that there are common groupings and titles.

These are important to incorporate into the design so we can make sure the layout makes sense to a larger group of people.



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Next Steps:

Applying the same things to other pages (pest, personal care, etc.)

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